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Healthy teeth. Heathy person

The mouth and teeth reveal a lot about us, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of health. It is a part of our body that is not an isolated unit, but on the contrary is closely connected with the rest of the organism. It can be said with exaggeration that if we give our oral cavity the right care, it proves …

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Braces and strength of ionization brush

Braces are one of the most effective tools in today’s dentistry in correcting dental irregularities. Their function is important not only in straightening aesthetic imperfections, but also in serious bite defects. After their application, the patient must place more emphasis on oral hygiene, because …

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When is the best time to brush your teeth?

Before or after a meal? This question divides toothbrush users into two irreconcilable camps, similar to a scene from the famous Czech film Snowdrop Festival. In it, two parties of hunters argue over whether a boar with cabbage or rosehip is better. “Before or after a meal” was one of …

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