Ion power

Everything in nature has polarity, opposite polarities are the reason why the surface of the teeth attracts dental plaque and it is therefore held on the teeth by means of an ionic bond .

Clinically proven

By using the ionic toothbrush conscientiously on a daily basis, the compliant patient can remove significantly more plaque than with other toothbrushes.

Made in Japan

The Japanese company Ionic Corporation is a company with a family tradition that builds its success on a unique patented technology for ionizing teeth cleaning.

How does the IONICKISS
ionizing toothbrush work?

Everything in nature has polarity based on ions. Plaque has a positive charge (+) and the tooth surface has a negative charge (-). Opposite polarities are the reason why the surface of the teeth attracts the dental plaque and it therefore adheres to the teeth by means of an ionic bond .

The IONICKISS ionizing toothbrush generates negative ions and directs their flow between the toothbrush and the tooth. Ionization thus disrupts the ionic bond between the plaque and the tooth, thereby repelling the plaque from the tooth surface toward the brush head. This will make your teeth easier and better. It is clinically proven that the IONICKISS toothbrush is much more effective than a regular manual toothbrush.

Description of the IONICKISS brush

1. BRUSHES – IONICKISS toothbrushes are made of the highest quality materials. Quality fibers remove every dirt.

2. IONICKISS interchangeable tooth heads – Ensures the long life of your toothbrush. When they are worn, simply replace them with new ones and your toothbrush is ready to use as on the day you purchased it.

3. LED LIGHT – Battery status information. The battery lasts at least 1 year in normal use.

4. IONIPAD (metal strip) – This is a place that a person must touch when cleaning their teeth with a wet hand/finger to allow the generation of ions that break the ionic bond between the tooth surface and the plaque and thus clean the tooth surface more effectively.

5. BATTERY TEST BUTTON – Press the battery test button usually once or twice a week to see if the battery is working.

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